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The full length album Songs in the Key of Free releases this fall of 2022! Stay tuned the details of the album release via this website or our social media pages.


The album is a collection of songs written and performed by the musicians at SCI-Graterford (now SCI-Phoenix). Some tracks have already been released as singles and can be found on all streaming platforms (including Spotify, Apple Music, etc.).



I Can't Breathe

The Garden

Million Dollar Blocks

I Still Cry

Take a Knee

Our debut EP, Singing Ourselves Free, is available now for purchase! Featuring three songs written and performed by the musicians at SCI-Graterford, this EP showcases the talents of our workshop participants and the range of musical styles and traditions they represent.

Singing Ourselves Free

1. I Can't Breathe

2. Million Dollar Blocks

3. Welcome Home


"Songs in the Key of Free"
By Gabriela Bulisova and Mark Isaac

This documentary short shares the talent and humanity of our participants at SCI-Graterford. Filmed over a three month period, the film showcases the process from the inception of a song to its final version. 

Check out Songs in the Key of Free Co-Founder August Tarrier's previous work with residents of Riverside Correctional Facility in Philadelphia: