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Take A Knee

As bell hooks says, “Love is profoundly political. Our deepest revolution will come when we understand this truth.” We at Prison Prophets: Songs from the Heart of the Penitentiary are showing up for that revolution, along with the incarcerated musicians of SCI-Phoenix, on our forthcoming album, Songs in the Key of Free. Listen to the truth of “Take a Knee”, by Manchino Santiago, an anthem for our nation.

Manchino Santiago (left) recording "Take A Knee" (right)

“Love is at the root of our resistance”—these are the words of Colin Kaepernick echoed in “Take a Knee”, written and performed by Manchino Santiago and featuring Zeek Burse.

Zeek Burse rehearsing "Take a Knee"

Click through gallery to view lyrics to "Take A Knee"

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