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The Sound of Freedom:

Music Behind Prison Walls

To record, produce, mix and master an album of 15 songs, all of which address the effects of mass incarceration, inside a maximum-security prison. Our foundational goal, one we’ve been working toward for the past two years, is to support the 25 musicians and artists who have invested their hope and dreams in this project. Here’s what they grapple with every day: If you’re barred from public and civic life, if you’re someone who is seen as deserving of punishment and little else, how do you become self-aware? How do you become whole? To make the most of a life spent locked down, where your humanity is assailed sometimes on a daily basis, to grow into fullness of heart and mind behind a 40-foot- high wall, to maintain dignity and selfhood in the face of what is intended to be punitive and recriminatory, is colossal. 








The songs on this album tell that story: you’ll find intensely personal songs that reflect the very hard-won redemption these men have worked for for their entire lives; songs that will move you deeply because you too are human and you too grapple with the mistakes you’ve made and with your own failures, and you too need to be forgiven.


Miles, August and Brendan have been hard at work setting up recording sessions
with outside artists. As you know, the outside artists’ tracks will be mixed with the
tracks we recorded inside with all of you. Here are the tracks we’ve been working on
so far:

Recording session at The Honey Jar in NYC (owned by Devin Greenwood) with Jen
Fouche, Broadway recording artist. She freakin’ killed it singing lead on “How Do I
Show You the Hole in My Heart?” Everybody in the session that day was blown
away by the talent of Seven on lead and of Moose’s verses and rap.

Recording session with Jamaaladeen Tacuma (bass), on “Freedom.” Every one of
these stellar musicians showed up for real. Given that
three of the members of this group know and have worked with the songwriter, Bernard L. the
energy in the room was tangible.

Recording session in early February with Zeek Burse (Lead Vocals), John Francis (background vocals), and
Ross Bellenoit (lead guitar) on Cody’s “What These Hands Have Done.”